Tacopocalypse is a 3D driving delivery game made in Unreal 4


This game is the first game that my studio, Cherry Pie Games, will be seeking publishing/funding for. Taking cues from crazy taxi and adding an apocalyptic spin, it should be a unique couch co-op experience.


I am Lead animator, programmer, 3D modeler, and designer for this project. I also provide a leadership role in development, ensuring deadlines are met and all essential components are in place.



Hollow is an atmospheric hayride utilizing Leap Motion and Oculus Rift in Unreal 4.


This project was created to be an introduction to VR and new technologies. Originally created at a game jam for the Oculus, it quickly progressed and eventually we integrated Leap Motion hand tracking controls. It won 8th place nationally in the Leap Motion 3D Jam and won the Microsoft GameOn competition.


Hollow is the first project my company, Cherry Pie Games, has worked on. I acted as the CTO, Lead Programmer, and Animator during production.



I was the Technical Director for this capstone project during my Game Design program at UCF created with Unreal 4.


The player takes control of a lazy, inept bird who must save his family from the ruthless pigeon gang controlling his tropical island. It is a flying open world game with a strong emphasis on comedy and slapstick. It features fully voiced cut-scenes, split-screen multiplayer, realistic flying physics, and a unique cell-shaded style. Working primarily in C++ I was able to broaden my skills as a programmer as well as a leader.



Ziggurat was created for the 2014 Otronicon Game Jam, winning first place in the competition.


Ziggurat is an atmospheric puzzle platformer that takes full advantage of what the Oculus Rift has to offer. You must ascend an ancient temple and escape with the treasure, and your life.


For this project I acted as one of the lead programmers as well as the software configuration manager. I was tasked with implementing mechanics such as character controls, rope physics, and a checkpoint save system. I also managed the Oculus Rift integration with Unity3D.


Cutter and Cutter

Cutter and Cuter Fine Art Galleries contracted out to me a project to help create a virtual version of their main gallery, Brilliance in Color.


The company has multiple art galleries in downtown Saint Augustine, FL. They sell the pieces for high prices to art collectors across the world. However, they wanted a way to display their products beyond just images on a website.


I created a virtual experience using Unreal 4 and VR to allow users to walk around the gallery wherever they are, with a contact form to request a price quote directly from the gallery.


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